Is Backr more expensive than setting up a business directly with the government?
No, the fees are exactly the same. Backr streamlines the process so it’s easier and faster, at no extra cost.
Can I use Backr to set up a company?
Yes, you can!
Can I set up a trust partnership or superannuation fund with Backr?
At the moment, you can only set up a sole tradership and a company through Backr.
Can I use Backr to become GST registered?
Not yet, but we’re working on it!
How much does Backr cost? Is it free to use?
Backr is completely free. However, premium features might become available in future, with associated fees.
Can I use Backr to set up a business on behalf of someone else?
No, sorry; Backr is designed to help you start your own business.
What is Backr? How will it help me?
Backr is a one-stop solution to help you start a Pty Ltd business or sole tradership in Australia. It simplifies the process, helps you get organised and gives you clear, easy steps to follow.
What is Commonwealth Bank's role in Backr?
Commonwealth Bank is responsible for creating and operating Backr, in partnership with X15 Ventures. However, you don’t need to be a CommBank customer to use Backr.
Can I use Backr if I'm not a Commonwealth Bank customer?
Yes, you can! However, you may miss out on certain benefits offered to Commonwealth Bank customers.
Can I open my business transaction account with any bank?
Yes. Opening a CommBank Business Transaction Account will give you added benefits, but you can open a BTA at any bank.
Will Backr keep my business information and data safe?
Your business information and data security is extremely important to us. Backr is security tested to Commonwealth Bank’s standards to keep your data safe. We constantly review our security and monitor the platform to counter any security threats. Please refer to the Privacy Collection Notice for further important details.
Who has access to my data?
Your Backr data is protected and only accessible by you and authorised third parties, like the ATO.
I need help with Backr, who should I contact?
Send an email to backr_support@cba.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
I found a bug, how can I report it?
You can report bugs by sending an email to backr_support@cba.com.au with “Bug” in the subject line.
Can I add more users to my Backr account?
No, sorry; your Backr account is for your use only. If you know someone who wants to use Backr, you can encourage them to sign up for their own account.
What if I want to stop using Backr?
If you would like to delete your account send an email to back_support@cba.com.au with “Delete” in the subject line and we will remove it for you
How can I stay up-to-date about new Backr features?
You can follow us on social media for the latest Backr updates, or send an email to backr_support@cba.com.au to request a specific update.
Can I use Backr if I already have an ABN?
Yes, absolutely!
How long does it take for my ABN to appear on the ABN lookup service?
It may take up to 24 hours from your chosen start date for your ABN to appear on the ABN Lookup service.
I already have a sole trader ABN. Can I register another one?
Sole traders are only allowed one ABN. If you need a new ABN you will need to register a new company and apply for a company ABN.
Do I need to buy a business name?
You don’t need to buy a business name if you want to run a business under your own name as a sole trader, or under a registered company name as a company.