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One-stop setup

Backr is a free platform where you can complete essential business tasks like applying for an ABN, and easily track your progress with a custom digital taskboard.
A mobile phone showing the Backr taskboardAn image of a laptop with Backr's Taskboard page open showing two tasks in the to do collumn and one task in the doing collumn

Practical tools

Backr’s tools will help simplify the day-to-day operations of your business, including creating invoices for your clients.
A laptop showing Backr's invoicing feature There are 2 sections: Paid, and Unpaid. inside each section is the name of each customer, when their invoice was issuedA mobile phone showing the Backr Invoicing feature

Learn as you go

We’ll provide all the information you need about starting a business, including key definitions, helpful resources and relevant examples.
A laptop showing Backr's business name registration screen. On the left side of the screen there is some helper text describing the rules a business name must follow.Image of a phone describing a few things to consider when writing a value proposition such as: Your pimary product or service, Target audience, and Unique selling point.

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Our main services

Some of the many ways Backr can help

Register as a sole trader

Get your ABN in under 20 minutes for free. Buy a business name without paying any extra fees or costs.

Register a company

Create your company and have it officially recognised by all the relevant government organisations.

Create a business plan

Create a thorough business plan, based on our clear, comprehensive templates.

Create tax invoices for clients

Start collecting and managing payments from your clients.

Track everything on your taskboard

Organise your workload and visualise your  progress with a digital taskboard.

Create custom tasks

Keep all your business to-dos in one place by adding them to your taskboard.
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